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$99 Air conditioning Tune-up

$99 Air Conditioning Tune-up

Summer time is here, residents in the Woodland Hills areas are preparing for this summers heat waves. Before sliding their thermostat to cool, it is recommended to have your Air conditioner serviced.

Pacific Coast Heating and Air Conditioning is running a summer special, $99 for a complete Air Conditioner tune-up. This annual Air conditioning system maintenance will prolong the life of an AC unit. Regular maintenance will also save homeowners money on unwanted repairs, which usually occur on the coolest nights, when the system is at maximum use.

During a tune-up minor repairs can be made, preventing expensive replacements in the future. Scheduled maintenance will guarantee your Air conditioner will run safely while at optimum efficiency. Dirty filters and components cause the AC system to work extra hard to keep your family comfortable, raising utility bills and costing homeowners more money.

Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. A home Air conditioning system has crucial parts that need to be professionally adjusted and maintained once a year. Most Air conditioning system breakdowns are caused by a lack of maintenance.

Pacific Coast Heating and Air Conditioning will perform a 20 point professional AC tune-up. The precision tune-up takes approximately 60-90 minutes for our technicians to perform. The tune-up involves checking that all components are functioning properly, cleaning the AC system. We are available for 24 hour emergency air conditioning repair.

For more information about our Tune-up call, (818) 888-3968

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